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Welcome to Business thru Golf

With an avid passion and pure determination to see Golf Clubs thrive and return to being the “go to place” for members to grow their businesses from. We have spent many hours working on a strategy for Golf Clubs to be able to achieve this. Our goal is to ensure that Golf Clubs become the prime place for it’s members families to spend recreational time.

The Alter Course team can assist Clubs with streamlining their operations and optimize running costs and also guide them into exploring new profitable revenue opportunities.

Golf Club membership is perceived by the general public as expensive and not a value for money golfing option. Alter Course is  determined to change this perception and make as many  Golf Clubs become great places to belong to.

So what’s it all about…

It’s no secret that over 50% of Australia’s Golf Clubs are struggling financially and to remain sustainable. Also that the average age of a Golf Club member is over 53 years of age !!!

Our burning questions are:

What’s being done about it? Who’s going to resolve this? Will Golf Clubs die out with this ageing member base?

We at Alter Course are passionate about preventing further deterioration in this environment and we have the answers to resolving this looming issue for a lot of Clubs through Oliver’s “Business Thru’ Golf” initiative and other solutions he’s learnt along the way. All Clubs are different and face different challenges, that we acknowledge. We have some valuable skills in our team and some brilliant strategies that we can introduce so that your Club can return to family loved and buzzing hive of activity.

“Business Thru Golf” focuses on Member’s Businesses supporting and sustaining their Golf Club and in return them gaining business opportunities from various exposures through the Club. There’s some hard work involved and a lot of commitment, we’re up for it, are you?…

We service  Golf Clubs, Privately Owned Driving Ranges and Learning facilities.

What differentiates us from other Consultants in this space?

We get Golf! We are passionate about Golf! We see Golf Clubs as places of unrivalled business opportunity where members and their families can also enjoy recreational time. The Golf Club can serve these needs harmoniously.

Alter Course’s approach is to become part of the fabric of your club’s culture. We can support it’s members businesses and stay involved with you all for the long-term.

We’re about sustainability and that always needs a good strategy and dedicated people to carry it out.

If your Club is interested in learning more about “Business Thru Golf” or some of our other strategies please contact us and we will come to you for a free no obligation discussion.

We can help your Golf Club with the all the activities listed below

  • Sustainability Reviews and Recommendattions
  • Strategic Plan Review
  • Strategic Plan Development
  • Financial Restructuring
  • Management Structure Optimization
  • Business Operating Plans
  • Risk Assessment and Management
  • Insurance
  • Membership Retention Techniques
  • Management Reporting Tools and Techniques
  • Marketing and Promotional Strategies
  • Introduction and management of “Business Thru Golf” Program
  • Asset Finance Optimization
  • Merger and Acquisition Facilitation


Oliver Kietzmann was appointed to the Finance Committee of the Wanneroo Golf Club in 2012. At the time, I was the General Manager of the Club as well as a member of the Finance Committee.

Oliver used his business expertise as well as his knowledge of the golfing industry to provide enthusiastic and constructive input into the successful running of the Club. Later, he was appointed as Treasurer of the Club following the resignation of the incumbent. He provided sound financial guidance to the club and was closely involved in the day-to-day decision making leading to the Club’s advancement and ultimate success in an ‘industry’ suffering a number of trying economic and social ‘conditions’. Oliver resigned from the Club and his position as Treasurer in 2014 following a career opportunity located in the NSW Southern Riverina.

Peter BrownFormer General Manager. Wanneroo Golf Club, Perth, WA