Are you ready to take that next step in your business? Do you want to buy or start a Business? Are you looking to transition ownership of your business or sell it?

Your sales are increasing but the profit is not materializing ….what’s the issue?

You’re not 100% sure where your business is at but there’s a lot going on!

You’ve arrived at the right place!

We have vast experience in all areas of business management, the challenges of expansion and growth and how to enter or exit a business transaction or venture with your RISKS covered.

We can add significant value when you are considering selling a business , buying a business or preparing for either.

Strategy is our game when you are looking to  grow your organisation organically or through strategic acquisitions.

Systems, accounting, reporting and benchmarking also form part of our Performance management tool-kit to help you measure the level of success you are achieving from your inputs and resources.

We also perform thorough health reviews on  businesses and help structure or re-structure them to optimise return on investment.

What we are not…

We are not brokers that simply extract a commission or a fee for time spent. We work quietly and strategically. We are outcomes based and work WITH our clients.

We work for negotiated fees based on deliverables.

Our Expertise

We have over 25 years experience working for and in organisations of various size, industry and complexity.

If you’re not sure of what your next step in business should be, give us a call, we here to help you ALTER COURSE.



“Oliver Kietzmann from Alter Course was engaged by our company during late 2015 to model and work through a major impairment issue (involving material acquisitions of business units, land and water entitlements) that the business was facing in the lead up to the half-year accounts. I found Oliver to be insightful as he assisted us to identify the opportunities and pitfalls of the issue. I can highly recommend Oliver and Alter Course.”