Change Management

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Human Resource Management

Alter Course can provide a fully functioning HR department to your business.  We can interject and function as your internal HR department or we can provide adhoc consulting services across all facets of HR.

We believe that choosing the right people for your business is as important as keeping them stimulated and engaging them into achieving  progressive performance targets and milestones. We can help you give your staff vision and purpose.

We are able to help you with the following:


We are able to help people find the right role for  themselves and also assist businesses secure the right employees for the job.

Workplace Planning and Training

We can assist you with employee attraction and recruitment strategies, staff retention, employee engagement, training, career development, performance management and career mentoring.

Policy and Procedures

We can develop your internal policies and procedures and assist you in implementing them throughout your business ensuring continuity whilst assisting your business in attaining your business objectives.

Internal Compliance and Quality Assurance

Sometimes over looked and not a focal point in the day to day operation.  We will work with you to establish a methodology that promotes quality assurance and ensures internal policies are conformed to.

HR Principals

We will work with you in establishing a defined HR component from your general office administration stream, with inbuilt engagement strategies to bring in new revenue streams.

Procurement Management

We can assist you in assessing the now and predicting the future needs of your business and in maintaining control of every aspect of your overall operation.

Executive Management Services

We never lose sight of the bigger picture. We will work with you to ensure your business primary objectives are kept true and are achievable and attained.

Dispute Resolution

We will work with you to ensure workplace effectiveness and to create best practice methodologies to manage any obstacle.

Team Member Testimonials

“I’ve worked with Oliver a number of times recruiting staff across a range of levels- he is a passionate finance leader and driver, yet down to earth. You always know where you stand with Oliver, which is refreshing and I always enjoyed that.

I also found he had a keen eye for talent and is always willing to give pro-active people an opportunity to develop their skills and careers”

Andrew TelburnHinton Talent Solutions

“Oliver has been a client of our financial modelling business both when he was an accountant at Wespine Industries Pty Ltd and subsequently when he was in the position of CFO at Murray Irrigation Ltd. We found Oliver to be very pro-active and engaged in the financial modelling projects we were building.

He has a high capability to perform complex business analysis and financial modelling tasks. He also has a strong appreciation of fundamental business processes and is a highly motivated person.”

Mark Stone Director, Mark Stone & Associates

“Having worked with Oliver in several capacities over the past few years, I have been impressed with his dedication, leadership and insight. I have witnessed Oliver successfully lead the restructure of an under-utilized, transaction focused finance team into a high performing, strategic focused finance team that is better placed to support the board and executives with making critical business decisions.

I would highly recommend Oliver to any enterprise who is seeking a hard-working, results driven finance executive who exhibits high integrity and great communication skills that foster strong professional relationships.”

Aidan Jenkin (CA) Manager, Johnsons MME

“Oliver Kietzmann was with Murray Irrigation for 18 months and was the key driver in the development of our long-term financial modelling that enables us to model future scenarios which helps with business planning.

He restructured our finance department to provide better customer service and increased account transparency.”

Extract from Chairman’s Report of 2015 Annual Report Murray Irrigation Limited

“Oliver is a capable leader and manager of change. He sets clear direction, recognises gaps and opportunities, and organises his staff to deliver results.”

David Leslie Strategic Advisor, Murray Irrigation Limited

“As an audit manager, I worked closely with Oliver in his capacity as the CFO of our client.

After being appointed to that role, Oliver quickly identified a number of operational & strategic issues facing the business, as well as numerous control weaknesses which required significant attention.

Oliver implemented clear strategies and processes to address these issues, and was able to surround himself with the appropriate resources and technical expertise to ensure these changes were dealt with efficiently and are sustainable in the long-term.

Oliver’s personality and ability to relate to both board level and operational staff within the organization meant that he was very quickly able to form relationships and gain an understanding of the challenges facing the business.  These skills also enabled Oliver to tailor management reporting and analytical modelling to support the board’s strategic agenda, and to really focus on implementing appropriate changes to the control environment to suit the company and the industry in which it operated.”

Jason Cordy (CA)Chief Financial Officer, Australian Food & Agriculture Company Ltd

Oliver is one of the best finance and accounting executives that I have worked with. He has the unique ability of being able to identify and understand trends in any set of financial accounts and then formulate and implement highly effective strategic and tactical responses if required. On top of this, his enthusiasm, commitment and work ethic is second to none.

Dario AmaraCEO, OTOC Limited (formerly Emerson Stewart Ltd)