Review, Revise, Reset

We believe our VALUE PROPOSITION lies in our S.W.O.T Analysis approach

In reviewing your business we take the approach of performing a thorough S.W.O.T analysis covering key areas of your business:

We will HIGHLIGHT the:

  • Strengths that you can capitalise on
  • Weaknesses that you can improve upon
  • Threats that you need to guard your business against and,
  • Opportunities that you should be taking advantage of.

“Your Strengths and Weaknesses reflect the influence on your business from your Internal Environment. The Threats and Opportunities are influenced by your External Environment.”

Typically taking 4 – 6 weeks, our strategic review gives you the opportunity to understand exactly where your business is at and provides us the opportunity to offer our expertise in developing strategies and systems to improve your business.

Strategic Review

  This is where we conduct a broad overview of the key aspects of your business reviewing your Strategic and Business plans for relevance and check to see where the gaps in your performance are. We can delve a little deeper and even find the causes.

We can help you reset the markers for achieving your goals and assist you in implementing a powerful plan.

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Operations Review

A review of all your revenue streams and profit centres is our key focus here, highlighting their individual performance and overall effect on the business. What’s coming from where, and what’s going to where…. and how to capitalise on that.

We’ll assist you in implementing some strategies to ensure every area of your business is sustainable or provide you with reasons why a change is required.

Let’s get every part of your business contributing to its success. Request a consultation today.

Marketing Plan Review

Marketing performance, your brand awareness and your market identifiers, countless dollars are spent here but never measured for their impact on the business’s success.

We will also review your strategy in obtaining new customers and retaining current customers.

Customer loyalty is vital, let’s secure yours. Request a consultation today.

Workforce & People Review

What is business without its people?

We review your entire human resource environment together with WHSEQ and regulatory requirements.

We’ll provide feedback on your organisational structure and staffing levels and assist you with long term employee development strategies – no-one like to stay in the same old job year after year, so we help guide people through the organisation.

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Systems and Procedure Review

We can provide an evaluation of your policies and procedures, your internal controls, information, accounting and reporting systems.

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Fraud & Risk Review

We conduct high level fraud risk assessments (FRA), which will serve as a basis in identifying fraud risks your company may face. There after we will recommend applicable steps to mitigate the possible fraud risks identified.

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