Business Transaction and Finance Structuring

The Alter Course team is highly experienced in managing  growth in organizations be it organic or driven by acquisitions and diversification and this always involves finding the money to achieve this growth. We call these GROWING PAINS. We will tailor the right financial deals for your circumstances and make sure that they suits you business’s future growth plan.

We have the ability to assess future business investment opportunities, help you achieve a successful business sale or succession, evaluate significant capital projects, re-engineer your financing situation, manage commodity, credit and forex risks and can even link you to experts that will advise you about investing your spare cash into performing financial assets.

Business owners often find themsleves not sure about the next step in their business’s life cycle and that’s where can help manage the risks involved through our experience in:

  • Business finance transactions and deal structures
  • Buying and selling of businesses
  • Financial modelling projects
  • Due diligence and valuations
  • Business Exit Strategies and succession planning
  • Investment Advice
Corporate finance is the area of finance dealing with the sources of funding and the capital structure of corporations and the actions that managers take to increase the value of the firm to the shareholders, as well as the tools and analysis used to allocate financial resources.



I was involved in working with Oliver Kietzmann over two years in the capacity of his investment manager when he was the CFO of Murray Irrigation Limited. This business relationship involved managing a large fixed interest portfolio on the company’s behalf which had strict investment guidelines & parameters, so the need for constant contact and monitoring was paramount. I found Oliver to be completely transparent and open as well as being dynamic and professional and would have no hesitations in working with him again.

Oliver stabilized a c. $100m portfolio that had previously been heavily traded and strategically engaged us to invest in assets that would yield long -term revenue streams as opposed to being exposed to high risk assets that required a get-in, get-out quickly strategy in order to build value in the portfolio.

Oliver always proceeded with caution and was fastidious about developing a long – term strategy for their business. Together we achieved a return of over 5% per annum (2.5% above the cash rate) for both financial years.

Justin McFarland - Executive Manager, Fixed Income at Mint Partners Former Sales Director - Fixed Income, FIIG Sydney Australia

“I engaged Oliver Kietzmann from Alter Course during 2015 to model and work through a major impairment issue that the business was facing in the lead up to the half-year accounts. I found Oliver to be insightful as he assisted us to identify the opportunities and pitfalls of the issue. I can highly recommend Oliver.”

Andrew ReillyFormer CFO Webster Limited