Business Growth & Improvement

Alter Course provides business performance transformation strategies that have been learned from the extensive experience our experts have. When we take on a project we work strategically through what makes your business tick before engaging you in any activities or decision making.

Armed with insight from operating at the coal-face of many businesses, our consultants have the ability to quickly assess your current situation and have the expertise to transform your business’s performance.

Some of the things we are experts in are listed below:

  • Performance Measurement & Analysis
  • Business Performance Improvement
  • Business growth strategies
  • Budgeting & Reporting Models
  • Management Accounting Techniques
  • Strategic Analysis
  • Strategic Planning
Performance improvement is organizational change in which the managers and governing body of an organisation put into place and manage a program which measures the current level of performance of the organization and then generates ideas for modifying organisational behavior and infrastructure which are put into place to achieve higher output.
The primary goals of organizational improvement are to increase organisational effectiveness and efficiency to improve the ability of the organization to deliver goods and or services. A third area sometimes targeted for improvement is organisational efficacy, which involves the process of setting organisational goals and objectives.